Melbourne in 48 Hours

For my birthday back in February, I was fortunate enough to travel to Melbourne with my mum and sister, as a part of my birthday present. Due to my mums working schedule, we only had enough time to travel there and back in one weekend. So here is my how to guide on how to travel through Melbourne in 48 hours.

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So firstly, we jumped on the first Melbourne bound flight out of Sydney, and arrived in Melbourne at approximately 9:30am. We then got a cab straight from the airport to our hotel – a budget Ibis Hotel, which was great bang for your buck – and we were able to put our luggage away in storage, as check-in was after 3pm, and in no time at all we were wandering the streets of the cosmopolitan Melbourne.

We began walking to the well-known Collin Street, which is filled with great shopping boutiques and stunning architecture. We then followed along the stunning Elizabeth Street, to Lonsdale Street, which are both filled with beautiful shopping malls, and unique food and beverage outlets, such as restaurants, many cafes and fast-food outlets.

My number one tip for wandering the streets of Melbourne is to wear comfortable, enclosed footwear. I could not stress this tip enough. During your 48 hours you will be doing a lot of walking and you will be clocking up those FitBit steps, very quickly.

Also, another tip for exploring the city of Melbourne, is to keep your eyes open to see one of Melbourne’s trade marks – there street art. There are some outstanding artworks in many lane ways in Melbourne. These artworks are updated regular by artists, and some are breath-taking and make a great Instagram pic.

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Melbourne is filled will cafes upon cafes in the heart of the city. So when it comes to choosing a cafe for lunch, it can become quiet a difficult challenge. However, many are of a high standard and are all unique, so which ever cafe or restaurant you choose, you are bound to have a great experience.

After a lite lunch we began some late afternoon shopping, and began walking along Little Bourke Street and headed towards Chinatown Melbourne. As a historical site, Chinatown is now home to many authentic Asian restaurants (from fine dinning to street food and laneway noodle houses), fashion boutiques, Asian grocery stores and other retail outlets.

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As the sun was beginning to set, we went back to our hotel room, dropped off our shopping bags, and headed straight for Hisense Arena, where we were going to watch the Collingwood Magpies Netball first home game against the Greater Western Sydney Giants. This was a great experience, to watch the clubs first ever home game was a worth-while experience.

This leads to my next travel tip for exploring Melbourne in 48hours. Make sure when you travel to the city of Melbourne, ensure you have some sort of entertainment or .. lined up for the only night you are there. For example, I went to a Suncorp Netball game, however, there are many other things to do other than this. Such as watching a blockbuster musical at Her Majesty Theatre or a late night cabaret show, as well as going to a AFL or Cricket game at the historic Melbourne Cricket Ground. There is always something to do late at night, you just need to do your research to see what is on at what times.

The next morning, we rose bright and early to fit as much into our remaining hours in the city as possible. We began our trip down by catching a cab down to South Yarra, where we stopped along Commercial Road at the Blocktagon for a late breakfast. From there, we made our way to the well-known, Prahan Markets, where we got our daily dose of local culture and lifestyles, and then followed the street along to the boutiquey Chapel Street, for some last minute shopping and cultural dose.

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Just before lunch time we had finished exploring the streets of South Yarra, and we had some extra cash to splash, so we made our way to Melbourne’s huge South Wharf DFO, which is one of my favourite shopping destinations throughout majority of Melbourne.

A quick travel tip for travelling to Melbourne. When packing your suitcase, ensure you leave plenty of room for shopping and souvenirs that you may pick up along the way. For me personally, I enjoyed the shopping more in Melbourne than I do here is Sydney, just on the basis that there are many more quirky boutiques which provide more of a variety of shopping options, which is nothing like the shopping here in Sydney.

Unfortunately, because we all spent a long period of time shopping, we were pressed for time for the rest of the day, so we only had enough time to make it back to the hotel to pick up our luggage, and start making our way back to the airport for our flight back to Sydney.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Melbourne and will definitely be travelling there soon and I also highly recommend this beautiful city to others, as it is a unique travel experience.



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