Bucket List Destinations: Florida

Welcome to my first edition of my bucket list destinations. Each edition will focus on one country, state or city, that will include the my personal must see sights, adventures, cuisine and other fun travel experiences. I am aiming for each edition to contain just highlights of each destination, hence, I will only have a few …

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My Top 10 Cities

As travelling is everything to me and I am obsessed with the world we live in, I have complied a list of my top 10 cities in the world. It was extremely difficult for me to choose just ten, however these are definitely one of a kind destinations, places that I have visited and loved, …

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Surviving the Dreaded Jet Lag

Unfortunately what comes hopping across different time zones is the dreaded jet lag. A word that represents exhaustion, loss of appetite, poor sleep cycles and even concentration issues, can wreak havoc among travellers. But how can travellers exactly avoid this issue? Unfortunately for travellers, there is no fixed answer to avoiding jet lag. However, in …

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